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  • RE: AccuVote TS/OS Accumulator Unit, Ken Clark
  • Re: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements, Mickey G. Martin
  • Out of Touch, John McLaurin
  • is the one and only, Greg Forsythe
  • Width of Races in the Precinct Summary Report, Greg Forsythe
  • Experience in South Carolina, Ian S. Piper
  • JResultclient overlap, Greg Forsythe
  • Somewhat back online, John McLaurin
  • R.Picket AccuVote Bug - passing ballot, Steve Knecht
  • Alaska Regional Hand Count Input, John McLaurin
  • GEMS recount, Nel Finberg
  • Test firmware for Lucid, Ian S. Piper
  • Alaksa Ballot Query, John McLaurin
  • Alaska Query Follow-up, John McLaurin
  • ELECTIONS ON 1.7.4, Tari Runyan
  • GEMS export, Nel Finberg
  • Alaska Ballot Question SB76, John McLaurin
  • AccuVote-TS & AccuVote, Jeff Hintz
  • AccuVote-TS - Testing, Jeff Hintz
  • El Paso Co Test election, Tari Runyan
  • New Alaska Question, John McLaurin
  • Fw: Paul Dunhills 2.0 Software Default database, Juan Rivera
  • Potential RCR, Steve Knecht
  • Passcode for GEMS-Reports-1-9-6, Greg Forsythe
  • Poll number displayed in Accu-Vote, Greg Forsythe

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