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RE: AccuVote-TS - Testing

> 2) after the ballot comes up, it has the
> right number for the election total but does not have the title
> Election Total beside it, if you look at the first screen before
> you vote, that is how it should be.

This one is fairly easy.  The file TSTExt\1033\CounterLabel is in plain
ASCII instead of RTF.  Open the file with WordPad and SaveAs with file type
RTF.  Then play with the font and save again (12pt Arial probably).

Mike/Rodney, review the TSText files and convert any that are not in rich
text format.  I notice some of the fonts in some of the files are a little
off also.  For example, "Election" and "Jurisdiction" look a little small.
Make sure the write-in screen look correct also.  When you are ready, mail
the new TSText directory to me and I will include it in the next GEMS