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AccuVote-TS - Testing

I was not able to use the Shawnee, KS election.  But I did do a simple database of 3 ReportUnits, 3 Races, 2 races have 2 candidates with 1 write-in, the other race has 5 candidates with 3 write-ins - a vote for 3.  I also used Kansas rotation.  The 3 different ballots were created in Gems correctly with different rotations for each ballot, 1 for each ReportUnit.  Everything looks fine in Gems.  However after downloading into the Ballot Station, I encountered the following: 1) the page numbers at the bottom where it should read 1 of 1, says 9866558 of 0238498, or something like that.  2) after the ballot comes up, it has the right number for the election total but does not have the title Election Total beside it, if you look at the first screen before you vote, that is how it should be.  3) if you vote a blank ballot, it does not give you the warning, like it is suppose to.  4) I created a card for each different ReportUnit, and it did display the name of the ReportUnit at the bottom of the screen correctly, however, it did not do any rotation for ReportUnit 20 and ReportUnit 30, as it shows it in Gems.  5) Also, how are you able to change the verbage of the instructions screen or any of the other screens??  Do you have to go into the Language folder and find the right header for that screen and fix it in Word??  6) What happens if I do want to put in Headers for the paper ballots.  Again, can we produce a mixed system???

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems
Omaha, NE