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RE: AccuVote-TS & AccuVote

> I was wondering how and if we are able to program both the
> AccuVote-TS and AccuVote using the same database.  You have to
> set the version to 194 or 195 for AccuVote and the counting
> method to AccuVote to be able to program memory cards or set the
> version to 200 for AccuVote-TS and the counting method to
> AccuTouch.  How are you able to do both???

1.9[45] AccuVotes are not supported with the AccuVote-TS currently;  only
AccuVote 2.0 which is not yet released.  We will add support for the 1.9[45]
AccuVote in the next GEMS release.

> Also, for Johnson County, Kansas, I am loading up
> a Shawnee County, Kansas database from an old election.  Will I
> be able to change this to AccuVote-TS, or will I have to start
> from scratch???

You will be able to change this to AccuVote-TS.