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AccuVote-TS & AccuVote

I was wondering how and if we are able to program both the AccuVote-TS and AccuVote using the same database.  You have to set the version to 194 or 195 for AccuVote and the counting method to AccuVote to be able to program memory cards or set the version to 200 for AccuVote-TS and the counting method to AccuTouch.  How are you able to do both???  I am setting up 3 demostrations, that wish to see the capabilities of both with the Gems package.  Also, for Johnson County, Kansas, I am loading up a Shawnee County, Kansas database from an old election.  Will I be able to change this to AccuVote-TS, or will I have to start from scratch???

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems
Omaha, NE