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Re: Alaska Ballot Question SB76

    You are right. This should be setup as two question Plan A and Plan B.
>In questioning the Division the following correspondence took place.  Please refer to Senate Bill 76 at www.legis.state.ak.us 
>Question to Support:  Does Gail need to take any special steps in GEMS to create, accumulate and report this type of ballot question or is it standard ballot layout and election programming?
>Thanks in advance for your assistance.
>Gail wrote: You've got it right.
>John McLaurin wrote:
>> If I understand the situation, if we were to put this question on the ballot via GEMS it would take the outline of: one question, two sections with ability to vote yes or no on one or both questions.  GEMS would then have to show accumulate and show results of both questions.  Do I have it right in my mind?
>> I envision a simple ballot with Plan A  Yes or No and  Plan B yes or no.  Or is it more complicated?