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RE: AccuVote-TS - Testing

> I was not able to use the Shawnee, KS election.


> But I did do a
> simple database of 3 ReportUnits, 3 Races, 2 races have 2
> candidates with 1 write-in, the other race has 5 candidates with
> 3 write-ins - a vote for 3.  I also used Kansas rotation.

Rotation on the TS is currently not supported.

> The 3
> different ballots were created in Gems correctly with different
> rotations for each ballot, 1 for each ReportUnit.  Everything
> looks fine in Gems.  However after downloading into the Ballot
> Station, I encountered the following: 1) the page numbers at the
> bottom where it should read 1 of 1, says 9866558 of 0238498, or
> something like that.

Interesting.  Do all databases you create have the oddball page numbers?  If
so, create a minimal example and send the .dbf to the bugtrack list and I'll
look at it.   Be sure to include details like whether it only happens when
using rotation.

> 2) after the ballot comes up, it has the
> right number for the election total but does not have the title
> Election Total beside it, if you look at the first screen before
> you vote, that is how it should be.

I have seen this too.  I'll try to track it down.

> 3) if you vote a blank
> ballot, it does not give you the warning, like it is suppose to.

Open the file ..\GEMS\TSText\1033\RVD_NoVotesInstructions.rtf with
MS-WordPad (not Word) and edit it to taste.  A dialog will be added to GEMS
to override these file some time in the future.

> 4) I created a card for each different ReportUnit, and it did
> display the name of the ReportUnit at the bottom of the screen
> correctly, however, it did not do any rotation for ReportUnit 20
> and ReportUnit 30, as it shows it in Gems.


> 5) Also, how are you
> able to change the verbage of the instructions screen or any of
> the other screens??  Do you have to go into the Language folder
> and find the right header for that screen and fix it in Word??

Edit the files in the TSText directory under the language (1033 english,
1034 spanish) with MS-WordPad.

> 6) What happens if I do want to put in Headers for the paper
> ballots.  Again, can we produce a mixed system???

Just add the headers as usual.  They will currently be ignored by the TS.
We will add support for headers on the TS once I figure out how that used to

Just to let everyone else on the support list know, GEMS 1.9.5 and
AccuVote-TS 3.4.1 are not yet released.  We will do an official release when
Whitman returns.  At that time I will outline what features are not
currently supported with the integrated system.