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RE: GEMS recount

  I too vaguely remember a minor fix but the original change to support cards without races was made in 1.91c released April 7/94.  I would expect all 1.94 releases in use to handle this.

I am pretty sure it got broke in 1.94, but I have to test before I swear to it.  I wouldn't have put the VTS hack in download to not download the cards with no races (which was a pain) unless there was a reason.

According to CVS it got fixed in 1.94s, around June 98.  It was probably broken for 1.94f through r. 

Nel brought up a concern that if users blindly sorted out cards rejected with the message "invalid ballot" during a recount, they will likely sort out at least a few cards that should have been counted.  I can't argue with that.  Also, rejecting the cards that don't have the recount race makes using feeders for recount a royal pain.  It might be worth while to add a field to the AccuVote setup dialog for the rev level of the firmware, so we can turn off the workaround in download for newer ROMS.  I don't know that its worth it though since we are on the heels of 2.00.  If someone feels strongly about it, submit the RCR.  I am guessing not many will worry about it until they are faced with the recount.