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RE: GEMS recount

Yes, VTS would download only those cards that had the races to be recounted. If during recount a card was feed that did not have a recount race on it the card would be rejected as invalid.
Right, thanks Tab; this is all comming back to me.  GEMS does this too for 1.94 downloads.  I think 1.94somthing was fixed to be able to download cards with no races, but the change is moot because GEMS never sends those cards.
Nel, there is no need to print out the races with card styles, card styles with cards, and vote centers with cards by id reports.  They need only print out races with vote centers.  As Tab points out above, the AccuVote will reject those cards in the vote center that do not have the recount race.  Whit, I still think the races rotation with cards report is worthwhile for other reasons though, so add it on a slow day.