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Re: GEMS recount

Nel, change the doc to use this new report.  It worth noting somewhere in this doc the reason why they have to go through all the trouble to find out what cards need recounting.  It used to be that the AccuVote did not like cards with no races on it (as is the case when the recount race is not on a card of a vote center).  Download would give an out of sync message I believe.  This meant that any cards without the recount race would need to be sifted out of the stack of cards for a vote center.  I believe this has been fixed somewhere in the 1.94 series.  Guy, please confirm this, and let us know what rev.  Certainly, central count will accept these cards. 
  I too vaguely remember a minor fix but the original change to support cards without races was made in 1.91c released April 7/94.  I would expect all 1.94 releases in use to handle this.

  The larger problem is that the download protocol requires at least one of every type of data except for voting positions.  That means that although you could have a card with no races (for recount purposes), you cannot have a vote center with no races or you'll get the Out Of Sync error on download.

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