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RE: Poll number displayed in Accu-Vote

> The polls were all numbered from POLL: 10 to POLL: 450 on their printout,
> however the display showed POLL:  20A00 to POLL: 460A00, hence the phone
> calls.
> Poll 10 was printed and poll 20A:00 was displayed, etc.
> Instead of POLL, maybe it should be VOTE CTR or maybe the numbers should
> match up somehow.
> Greg

It sounds like you have a one report precinct per vote center case.  In the
multiple report precinct case of course there is no way for the numbers to
match.  Tari posted a similar question some time ago.

Short answer is that if you want the numbers to match up in the one report
precinct case, just change them.  ABasic can be changed to display something
other than POLL on the printout, but remember there are space limitations.