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Re: New Alaska Question

>Gail poses the following question relative to the previous request:   The
Governor is holding a special session relative to this issue can someone in
support get back ASAP.  Thanks in advance
>New question:
>Can GEMS be programmed to do the following:
>Question 1:  Should Alaska adopt a long range fiscal plan?  YES  NO
>If the voter votes YES they can proceed to question 2, which would give
them the option of picking Plan A or Plan B  with Yes or No options.  If the
voter votes NO, can GEMS be programmed to reject a ballot if the voter tries
to vote on question 2.  Because it makes no sense for the voter to say they
don't want a long range fiscal plan
>and then turn around and vote for a plan.....
>I would appreciate an answer ASAP, as this is a burning legislative topic.
Our legislature did not reach a resolution about this issue during the
regular session, which ended last night at midnight.  So, the governor has
called them back into special session today.
>Thanks a bunch!

No. GEMS cannot be programmed to do this.  This would be a variation on a
Recall Question but with two recalled parts.  GEMS may be able to do this
but the Accu-Vote does not reject on a voted recalled race is the
controlling recall race is not voted, it just does not could the recalled