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Re: New Alaska Question

The question would be set up as a recall - should Alaska adopt a plan ?
yes or no
the next part of the question simply lists Plan A ,  Plan B,  and Neither
Plan as candidates and a vote for one -
no Yes or no option - Because if you vote yes - you need to pick Plan A,
Plan B, or Neither Plan which would cover the No vote you are looking for on
the Plans and Gems could count the votes correctly -
A no vote to the question - would invalidate any further choices should the
elector pick no and Plan A, B, or Neither.
This would seem to give you the results and options to the voter that Alaska
seems to want
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From: John McLaurin <asailsman@earthlink.net>
To: 'support@gesn.com' <support@gesn.com>
Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 2:57 PM
Subject: New Alaska Question

>Gail poses the following question relative to the previous request:   The
Governor is holding a special session relative to this issue can someone in
support get back ASAP.  Thanks in advance
>New question:
>Can GEMS be programmed to do the following:
>Question 1:  Should Alaska adopt a long range fiscal plan?  YES  NO
>If the voter votes YES they can proceed to question 2, which would give
them the option of picking Plan A or Plan B  with Yes or No options.  If the
voter votes NO, can GEMS be programmed to reject a ballot if the voter tries
to vote on question 2.  Because it makes no sense for the voter to say they
don't want a long range fiscal plan
>and then turn around and vote for a plan.....
>I would appreciate an answer ASAP, as this is a burning legislative topic.
Our legislature did not reach a resolution about this issue during the
regular session, which ended last night at midnight.  So, the governor has
called them back into special session today.
>Thanks a bunch!