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Fw: Paul Dunhills 2.0 Software Default database

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Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 9:39 AM
Subject: Paul Dunhills 2.0 Software Default database

To whom it may concern
A new default database is necessary to build any election for use with Paul Dunhill's version 2.o software, i.e... VIBS.
This was because the original 2.0 default database had a bad calculation in one of its cell's that did not work.  This bad calculation was corrected by Tom G. in Omaha for the old Dallas demo.  We found this out last year while working with Paul. Only if you program an election with the fixed default database it will run otherwise it will not.  This default was given to all at that time but since we have new employees we are making this fix available to all again.  You will find it at our FTP site under incoming.  The password is 184rt942ab.