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Day Date    Inst Topics Covered Notes and Readings HWs/Quizzes
Tue 31-Aug (DW) Lec 01: Intro & Admin. Linear-time Selection (randomized and deterministic); recursion trees
slides, notes, video (starts at 3:35), video last year (same content), handout on recurrences
[Ch 9/Ch 2.4] HW1 Out, Homework Latex Template, Programming Tips
Thu 02-Sep (DW) Lec 02: Concrete models and tight upper/lower bounds
slides, notes, video (starts at 0:40), video last year (same content)
[Ch 8.1/Ch 2.3] Q1
Fri 03-Sep Rec 01: big-O, recurrences, probability, and concrete models     worksheet (solutions)
Tue 07-Sep (DS) Lec 03: Amortized Analysis    notes Spr21 video [Ch 17/-]
Thu 09-Sep (DS) Lec 04: Splay Trees    notes, Spr21 video Q2
Fri 10-Sep Rec 02: Amortized Analysis and Splay Trees   worksheet (solutions)
Sun 12-Sep (DS) Amortized Analysis and Splay Tree Review
f21 video
HW1 Written Due
Tue 14-Sep (DW) Lec 05: Hashing I: Universal and Perfect Hashing slides, notes, video last spring, video this fall [Ch 11/Ch 1.5] HW2 Out
HW1 Programming Due
Thu 16-Sep (DW) Lec 06: Hashing II: Streaming Algorithms slides, notes, video from last spring, video this year Q3
Fri 17-Sep Rec 03: Hashing and Streaming worksheet (solutions)
Tue 21-Sep (DW) Lec 07: Hashing III: Fingerprinting and other applications slides, notes, video this year, video last spring HW2 Oral Presentations (21-Sep to 24-Sep)
Thu 23-Sep (DS) Lec 08: Dynamic Programming I   notes  video last year Q4
Fri 24-Sep Rec 04: Fingerprinting and Dynamic Programming worksheet (solutions)
Tue 28-Sep Midterm Exam I HW3 Out
Thu 30-Sep (DS) Lec 09: Dynamic Programming II: graph algorithms, including shortest paths (Bellman-Ford) and all-pairs SP (matrix, Floyd-Warshall)   notes video-spr21 [Ch 15, 24.1, 25.1-25.2/Ch 6] Q5
Fri 1-Oct Rec 05: Dynamic Programming II worksheet (solutions) HW2 Programming Due
Tue 5-Oct (DS) Lec 10: Network Flows I: Flows and Matchings notes video spr21
Thu 7-Oct (DS) Lec 11: Network Flows II: Advanced Flow Algorithms notes video spr21 implementation video code1 code2 code3 [Ch 26/7.2-7.3] Q6
Fri 8-Oct Rec 06: Network Flows I and II worksheet (solutions)
Mon 11-Oct HW3 Due   HW4 Out
Tue 12-Oct (DW) Lec 12: Linear Programming 0 and Game Theory I: Zero-sum Games, Minimax Optimality, and Connections to Algorithms slides, notes, 2-row games, last year video, this year video
Thu 14-Oct Mid-semester Break, No Classes
Fri 15-Oct Rec 07: Game Theory worksheet (solutions)
Tue 19-Oct (DW) Lec 13: Linear Programming I: Basics slides, notes, last year video, this year video [Ch 29/Ch 7.1,7.6]
Wed 20-Oct HW4 Oral Presentations (20-Oct to 22-Oct)
Thu 21-Oct (DW) Lec 14: Linear Programming II: Simplex, Seidel's 2D algorithm slides, notes, video, last year's video Q7
Fri 22-Oct Rec 08: LPs and Algorithm of Seidel worksheet (solutions) HW5 out
Tue 26-Oct (DW) Lec 15: Linear Programming III: Duality slides, notes, last year video, video
HW4 Programming Due
Thu 28-Oct (DS) Lec 16: Approximation Algorithms notes, slides, last year video Q8
Fri 29-Oct Rec 09: LP Duality and Approximation Algorithms worksheet (solutions)
Mon 1-Nov HW5 Due
Tue 2-Nov (DS) Lec 17: Online Algorithms notes, slides, last year video
Thu 4-Nov Midterm Exam II
Fri 5-Nov Community Engagement Day: No Classes
Rec 10: worksheet (solutions)
HW6 out
Tue 9-Nov (DW) Lec 18: Multiplicative Weights Algorithm notes, slides, last year's video, this year's video
Thu 11-Nov (DS) Lec 19: Computational Geometry I: Geometric Primitives and Convex Hull notes, slides, spring 21 video Q9
Fri 12-Nov Rec 11: Multiplicative Weights and Computational Geometry worksheet (solutions)
Tue 16-Nov (DS) Lec 20: Computational Geometry II -- Sweepline, Sweepangle and SegTrees Sweep* notes, SegTree notes, Slides, Video
Thu 18-Nov (DS) Lec 21: Computational Geometry III -- Smallest Enclosing Circle (SEC) and Closest Pair (CP) SEC Slides, CP Notes, video(2021) video(2020, CP Grid Algorithm see 0:35-1:09) Q10, HW6 Written Due
Fri 19-Nov Rec 12: Computational Geometry worksheet (solutions) HW7 out
Sun 21-Nov HW6 Programming Due
Tue 23-Nov (DW) Lec 22: Strassen and Karatsuba Algorithms notes, slides, last semester video, this semester video Q11
Thu 25-Nov Thanksgiving Break, No Classes
Fri 26-Nov Thanksgiving Break, No Classes
Tue 30-Nov (DS) Lec 23: Fast Fourier Transform and Applications notes, slides, this semester video, last semester video
Wed 1-Dec HW7 Oral Presentations (1-Dec to 3-Dec)
Thu 2-Dec (DW) Lec 24: The Algorithmic Magic of Polynomials notes, slides, video last year, video this year Q12
Fri 3-Dec Rec 13: FFT and Polynomials worksheet (solutions) HW7 Programming Due
Tue 7-Dec Final Exam (5:30-8:30pm)

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