15-745 Spring 2009 Tentative Schedule


Readings Key
D The Dragon Book (Aho et al)
M Muchnick
C Cooper and Torczon
A Allen and Kennedy
* Preferred Reading
** Required Reading

Date Day Class Description Reading Assignments
1/13Tue1Introduction, Local OptsD9.1 1 out
1/15Thr2Dataflow, SSA*D9.2,9.4, 6.2.4; M8.1-4, 8.10, 8.11; C9.1-3; A4.4
McConomy Auditorium
1/22Thr3LLVMLLVM Documentation
1/27Tue4SSA Optimizations M8.11, 7.3; D6.2.4, 9.6.1; *C9.3; A4.4.4
1/28Wed5Loop Optimizations*D9.6.2-6; M7.4, 14.1, 9.3 1 due, 2 out
1/29Thr6Dependency Analysis*A2.1-2; 3.1-2; M9.3-4; D11.3,4,6
2/3Tue7Dependence Cont.*A3.3,4,6; M9.3,4; D11.6
2/5Thr8Locality Optimization A9.1-3; *D11.1.4,11.2,11.5,11.10; M20.4; **Paper
2/10Tue9Locality cont. Pick readings, 2 due, 3 out
2/11Wed10Paper Presentations by Seth and Jim
2/12Thr11Paper PresentationsTBA
2/17Tue12Register Allocation
2/18Wed13Paper PresentationsTBA
2/19Thr14Paper PresentationsTBA
2/24Tue15Register Allocation
2/25Wed16Local Scheduling A10.1,10.2.1-4; D10.1-10.3; C12.1-3
2/26Thr17Paper PresentationsTBA
3/3Tue18Software PipeliningA10.2.5; M17.4; D10.5* Initial Project Proposal
3/15Mon19Partial Redundancy EliminationM13.3*,D9.5 Final Project Proposal
3/24Tue20 (Dataflow and Interval Analysis)M8.2-4,8.7.1,8.8*, D9.3,9.7.1-6
3/25Wed21 PRE and loop-invariant code motion
3/26Thr22 Pointer analysisM10*
3/31Tue23 Interprocedural pointer analysisreading
4/7Thr24 Shape analysisreading
4/14Tue25 Power and energy (DVS)reading* reading
4/16Tue25 Project Meetings
4/21Tue26 Power and energy (general)reading reading
4/23Thr27 Project checkpoint
4/28Tue28 ExamLast year's exam
5/7Thr Final project report due

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