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Hello all, and welcome to the INWO Deck of the Week page! The Decks of the Week are fully designed and strategized decks for Illuminati: New World Order. The DotW concept was created by Aaron Curtis. Aaron chose the first 16 decks and then passed the baton to Brian Strassman, who chose the next 19 decks. I hope to continue in the fine style they have demonstrated.

To submit a deck for the Deck of the Week, e-mail it to me at For my own convenience, I'd appreciate it if you would put 'DotW' and the name of your deck in the subject of your message. If you want to make my life easier, you can submit your deck in HTML; template.html is the file that I use as a template for DotW decks. (Doing so will not affect your chances of being selected.)

Approximately fortnightly, I select a deck from those I've received and post it to the INWO mailing list and the Usenet newsgroup Decks not selected stay in contention for future Deck of the Week honors.

Classic Decks

I prefer decks that display new and cunning Illuminated schemes. However, I also maintain an archive of classic decks and I solicit decks to be added there.

Current Deck of the Week

#66 Understanding Slack, the Extensions of Mutants (SubGenius), by Erisian St. Vinge
Media-oriented SubGenius deck

Past Decks of the Week

#00 Fusion Seppuku (Cthulhu), by Jonathan Woodward
World War III against own Nations

Aaron Curtis' Decks of the Week

#01 Gaia's Revenge (Cthulhu), by Aaron Curtis
Pro-Green Anti-Corporate
#02 Abduction Moon Party (UFOs), by Mike Dalton
Link Personalities to Moonbase and destroy
#03 Beggar Your Neighbor (Gnomes of Zurich), by Brian Strassman
Liquor Companies Travel Agency, card draw stopper
#04 Heretic Magi (Adepts of Hermes), by Aaron Curtis
Destroy your Hermes rivals and steal their resources
#05 The Judo Deck (Shangri-La), by Carter Butts
Peaceful w/ Kinder and Gentler on rival's groups
#6A Servants of Shangri-La (Cthulhu/Shangri-La), by Brian Malcolm
Government, Violent, and Peaceful, unmasks as Shangri-La
#6B A Peace of the Action (Shangri-La), by Scott Furois
Peaceful, Violent, and Criminal: Shangri-La or Criminal Overlords goals
#07 Double Predator (Network), by Aaron Curtis
Plot and Resource Predator
#08 The Sorcerous and Larcenous Spawning Behemoth (Adepts of Hermes), by Lemar 'Jabberwocky' Johnson
Violent Criminal Magic deck
#09 The Artifactory (Adepts of Hermes), by Mad Chris
Magic Resource generator
#10 Your Money Is In Good Hands (Gnomes of Zurich), by Reverend Pee Kitty
Government Bank deck
#11 The Heimlich Maneuver (Adepts of Hermes), by Mike Dalton
Classic Secret deck with Junk Mail
#12 The Sacred Aspirin Commercial (Discordian Society/Shangri-La), by Mad Chris
Isolationist deck, unmasks as Shangri-La
#13 Heil Eris! (Discordian Society), by Keith Edward Casner
Weird Science deck powered by South American Nazis
#14 Revenge, Part 1 (Cthulhu), by Bill Kavanaugh
Sandbags most popular groups
#15 Open 23 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week (Discordian Society), by Jeff Bailey
Convenience Stores sandbag deck

Brian Strassman's Decks of the Week

#16 I Love You All! Bombing Begins in 5 Minutes. (Bermuda Triangle), by Doug Ingram
Media and Personalities, goes for special Bermuda goal
#17 Cyber Rights Now! (Network), by Doug 'Sirilyan' Sheppard
Liberal Computer deck
#18 Ho ho! *BANG* F**k, I'm dead! (Cthulhu), by Tod 'Don Fnordlioni' Beardsley
Bjorne/Moonbase suicide trick; Has officially been declared illegal.
#19 Lambs To the Slaughter (Cthulhu), by Rudolf Gross
Reload Ninjas with failed attacks
#20 The Right Wing Revolution (UFOs), by Dennis Palmero
Straight and Conservative, anti-Liberal
#21 Big Brother Is Watching You! (Cthulhu), by Aaron Curtis
Pro-Government destruction
#22 Criminal Interest (Gnomes of Zurich), by Ashley Perryman
Criminal and Bank; no Corporates
#23 The Acronymicon (Bavarian Illuminati), by Brian Strassman
Government and acronymic groups
#24 Alternative Government? Excellent, Dude! (Society of Assassins), by James Eddleman
Fanatic and Secret power deck
#25 Gaia's Revenge II (Bavarian Illuminati), by Aaron Curtis
Green, Liberal, Government, anti-Corporate, with Assassins cards
#26 Save The Earth...For Us! (Shangri-La), by Doug Ingram
Peaceful, Liberal, and Green
#27 Invasion of the Gadget Snatchers (Discordian Society), by Aaron Curtis
Deck based around the Recycling Centers
#28 Death Geeks (Cthulhu), by Doug Ingram
Pro-Science destruction deck
#29 God Knows; We Can Find Out (Network), by Dan Myers
Information broker
#30 The Cult of Personality (Society of Assassins), by Kevin S. Tyrrell
Personality predator
#31 Bolsheviktory! (Society of Assassins), by Jason Staats and Carey Clevenger
Communist theme deck
#32 General Disorder Rides Again! (Society of Assassins), by Mad Chris
General Disorder tricks.
#33 The Invaders' Plan (UFOs), by Doug Ingram
Control/destroy with failed attacks against Church of Violentology
#34 Valley Of The Shadow Of Death (Shangri-La), by Ralph Melton
Hand of Madness w/ failed attacks against Church of Violentology

Ralph Melton's Decks of the Week

#35 Soylent Green (Bermuda Triangle), by Ralph Melton
Green deck with a Population Reduction sideline.
#36 The Wonder Bread of Peace (Shangri-La), by Steve Brinich
Shangri-La with a Place theme
#37 King for a Day, Thule for a Lifetime (Any), by Pol Jackson
Thule group extravaganza
#38 Attack of the Plot Bandits (Network), by Aaron Curtis
Plot Predator and other plot-related mischief.
#39 Counterculture McGoverniks (Discordia), by Steve Brinich
Liberal-themed Discordia deck
#40 Poetry in Motion (Bermuda), by Sean McGuire
Bermuda's special goal, Blinded by Science, and Unmasking as the Network.
#41 I am Not Left-Handed!, (Bermuda Triangle) by Steve Hatherley
Liberal deck reverses to Conservative
#42 Cuius Testiculos Habes (UFOs), by Ralph Melton
Inscrutable UFOs deal-making deck.
#43 Blunt Trauma (Cthulhu), by Seth A. Cohen
Brute-force Cthulhu deck
#44 Six Dead Conservatives (Cthulhu), by Aaron Curtis
Very degenerate Power to the People deck.
#45 Blinded by Cake! (UFOs), by Keith Page
UFOs with Kill for Peace, Blinded by Science, Let Them Eat Cake, and Shangri-La victory plans.
#46 The Nuclear Genie (Bermuda), by Steve Brinich
Unmasks as Adepts with Corporate Masters
#47 Ignorance is Strength (Bavaria), by Ralph Melton, Aaron Curtis, and Glen Barnett
Media-oriented Predator deck
#48 The Trojan Goose (Shangri-La) by Glen Barnett
Give away Unmasked and Shangri-La cards
#49 Make a Copy and Shred the Original (UFOs), by Scott McNair
Copy Shops/ Nevermore! Plot killer
#50 Alien Nation (UFOS), by Aaron Curtis
Nations deck organized around Gun Lobby.
#51: Annoy and Conquer (Discordia), by Sam Kington
Annoy your opponents with inconvenient NWOs.
#52: The Bottom Feeder (Cthulhu), by Darrin Bright
Use Political Correctness to generate Criminal Overlords.
#53 All The News That's Fit to Eat (Cthulhu), by Scott Furois
This deck was the winner of the Deck of the Week Challenge #5, to build a deck from a restricted set of cards. See these other pages:
#54 Going One Better (UFOs), by Sam Kington
Blinded by Science, Power To the People, Earth First!, and Unmasking as the Network.
#55 Save the Earth - Kill the Humans (UFOs), by Martin Laerkes
Control Communist groups, play NWO: Watermelons, win with Goal: Earth First
#56 The Stepford Bimbos (Discordia), by Lemar Jerel Johnson
Predator deck based on the Congressional Wives.
#57 The Bermuda Crime-Angle, by Carey Clevenger
Bermuda Special Goal, linked by the Criminal alignment.
#58 The Hired Gun (Cthulhu), by Don Fnordlioni and Ralph Melton
Government and Violent Cthulhu deck with Up Against the Wall
#59 Tokens from Heaven (Bermuda), by Brian Davidson
Use NASA's special ability to excess.
#60 S.L.A.K. Never Rests! (Assassins), by Aaron Curtis
Whomp up with a super-S.L.A.K.
#61 Somebody Kill Me, Please! (UFOs), by Darrin Bright
Win with Arise! by forcing someone else to kill you.
#62 Stormy Pinkness (Shangri-La), by Christian Wedge
Draw your Plot deck with Straight Ninjas, Pinks, and Gun Lobby.
#63 Blinded by Frankenfood (Bermuda), by Keith Page
Use Frankenfood to achieve the Bermuda special goal, with variations.
#64 The Bitter Cynical Sellout Discordia Deck (Discordia), by Ralph Melton
Straight and Government Discordia deck.
#65 An Oliver Stone Production (Assassins), by Steve Brinich
"A secret conspiracy gone Hollywood."


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