INWO Deck: Abduction Moon Party

Premise: The Moonbase says that if it "is destroyed, all Personalities there are killed." No caveat about not counting as destroyed, and the rules say that, yes, "killed" is just a permanent form of "destroyed." Therefore, linking a slew of Personalities to a Moonbase, and then destroying the 'base, should be a viable method of quickly reaching a "destroy X groups" goal.

The Deck


The UFO's





While this would be a natural Cthulhu deck, I've chosen UFOs for a few reasons. Since - ideally - you only need to destroy the Moonbase to reach your goal, Cthulhu's special ability isn't terribly useful; the UFOs' extra token, however, is *always* nice. Additionally, when Cthulhu starts playing many Personalities, the strategy tends to be, well, transparent. Since there are appropriate Goal cards for the UFOs to use (and Unmasking as Cthulhu offers another pseudo-Goal card opportunity) and since you don't want to Assassinate your Personalities (you will, in fact, be *protecting* them, as best you can, anyway), your Power Structure will be simultaneously puzzling and unthreatening. Finally, I like the UFOs thematically - the Secret Masters recruit powerful individuals, promise them the world, whisk a select few to their secret base on the Moon . . . and then ice them.


Lead with either Perot or Gore (primarily for their control arrows), but be aware of Ross's alignment-changing ability. Play defensively; don't make enemies - Personalities are too vulnerable. Power Grab when you can, and don't hesitate to use an Illuminati action to move a group to a more defensible position. By the time you have 7-8 Personalities out, you *should* be holding 1) a Goal card, 2) a Moonbase and 3) a Disaster or two (since Earthquake or [preferably] Meteor Strike are the only Disasters that can touch a Moonbase, having these is vital). Drop the Moonbase; link the appropriate Personalities (or all of them if you're Unmasking); hit the 'base with the Disaster(s). Show your Goal/Unmask as Cthulhu, and it's game over. This can be done with as few as six Personalities, if you Rewrite History on the Moonbase.

Deck design by Mike Dalton.

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