INWO Deck -- Bolsheviktory!

by Jason Staats and Carey Clevenger


So, you Capitalist Yankee Swine thought you had seen the last of us, da? You are thinking we were gone for good, da? Thought that that whole perestroika nonsense worked? NYET! Nonsense is precisely what it was. And now you Imperialist Boxer-Short Wearing Politicans think that Communism is on the decline. Just as we had planned. Prepare to see how the "Domino Effect" really works. Ha! We blow our noses in your Charmin.

The Deck





Crushing the Yankee Dogs

The Revolution (Beginning)

Lead with Clone Arrangers. Your enemies may anticipate this move, but what is the use? The International Communist Conspiracy makes a fitting substitute. Never lead with China or Russia: they will fall into your hands very soon, comrade. Your first priority is to obtain the body of Comrade Lenin, and give it to Clone Arrangers, insuring genetically superior operatives. When Clone Arrangers have also hired Cyborg Soldiers, they will now have 12 global power. Perpetual Motion Machine allows them to act twice. Communist Conspiracy is best choice for second group.

War Communism (Midgame)

Acquire groups quickly. This should be most easy. You may notice that Clone Arrangers will have +12 to control Communist Personalities if you have Lenin's Body and the ICC. Also recognize that the ICC acting alone has a 9 to take the Fiendish Flouridators...just make sure to send them a pizza first. You thought they were useless, didn't you, you Ignorant Silly Golf Pros? But do not attempt to control Mother Russia or Sister China without a Power Satellite or Cyborg Soldiers. (Ha! They thought Sputnik fell to Earth! Wait until they find out what it REALLY does.) You should be remembering that Cyborg Soldiers can always be moved once per turn, if they haven't already been used.

When Communist Scientists become bored, have them produce superior Frankenfood Diet Supplement for Mother Russia, and make sure that the citizens are Fanatic about reinstating Glorious Communist Rule. This will provide more global power. And if Yankee Libertarians control the Motherland, they too may assist in the revolution, with equal (or greater) power. But do not forget: Communism is working best under Dictatorship, comrade.

World Domination (Endgame)

Now the world is falling at your feet like dominoes! You control many groups with high global power, so you are opposing the attacks of other players, yes? And Clipper Chip is adding some power as well. Your Crystal Skull helps you in re-education efforts.

Collecting all Glorious Communist Revolutionaries will give you exactly 12 groups, comrade, just enough to rule the world. But before this happens, you will probably have enough Power for its own Sake if you are a good student of Comrade Marx. And if you are not allowed Appeasement Policy and are prevented from taking groups, don't forget the Cold War.

A word of caution: Be wary of Green Communist Supporters, for they are only Dissidents in disguise. Watermelons may assist in your efforts, but only if your opponents aren't eco-conscious. Communism and Ecology work as well together as Stalin and Trotsky: and the Lama Ramadingdong could be the icepick. Beware!

This deck was tested using standard two-player rules (no automatic takeovers) to 12 groups. For most of the game, the other player was too intimidated by the Clone Arrangers 2 12 power tokens to try much of anything. Of course, automatic takeovers will just make your domination faster. Don't forget that you can move Lenin and the Cyborg Soldiers to give groups better chances to take groups at a crucial time, and then moved on a later turn to scare opponents. Most plots are self-explanatory if not already explained. Have fun, and remember: Comrade Stalin will be watching. Dazvidania.

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