INWO Deck: The Right Wing Revolution

by Dennis Palmero

Liberal Lunatics got you down? Are you worried about a lack of family values in the world today? Do not sit there my friends, gather up your bibles, let your voices be heard! Show those Discordian Weirdos just how the world ought to be! Of course, maybe you just feel this way because the true power behind the Right Wing Revolution are aliens from another planet - at least, some of these ideas are out of this world. But if this is true, who controls the aliens? You're not cleared for that.

The Deck







Lead with the TV Preachers. It has a +6 to take control of any Straight Fanatic group. Currently, there's only one group that's straight and fanatic: The Moral Minority. That doesn't mean that another group that's already fanatic in an opponent's power structure can't become straight!

General Strategy

Its hard not to be overly obvious when you start bringing out one straight and conservative group one after another. Attack to control the Moral Minority from the TV Preachers as soon as you can - it should be an easy roll. Bring out the Republicans as an ATO, then attack with the Republican token to get Texas. Make bible thumping noises - even with this much conservative power, it may look like you're going for a Church theme, especially since Texas is in the "Bible Belt", and the Moral Minority and TV Preachers are obvious. If the Discordians are in the game, bring out the Deprogrammers and give them Grass Roots support to really cause the Discordians some worry. (Evil nasty godless weird *FREAKS*!) If you get a chance, destroy a liberal, or weird, group or two. Get two liberals down and you may be able to bring out your Let Them Eat Cake! Goal for the win. Your opponents may begin to suspect the goal, so keep in mind that you can Unmask! As the Servants of Cthulu, and have those destroyed groups count for your victory conditions as well!

Link the Cyborg Soldiers to Texas, if you can. Its 12 conservative power comes in very useful when the power of righteousness needs to be called upon.

If you can bring out the OMCL's (everyone loves the OMCL's, so deasil engines + Cover of Darkness, Weak Links + Cover of Darkness, and Forgeries are always useful), start zapping things into being Straight and Fanatical for the TV Preachers to get their grubby little hands on them. Or, zap things into being Liberal, and then blow them up with a Cyborg'ed Texas. Drop Fred Birch to help you for an Illuminated Win, and remember that with each straight group you control, the Moral Minority steadily becomes the Moral Majority with +1 power for each straight group!

Ross Perot can be useful to convert groups into being straight and conservative, especially captures from other people.

Toward the end game, its possible to try for an accelerated win via Nancy Reagan attacking to control Ronald Reagan. Her bonus of +10 makes Ron and easy target for her, and with a lot of conservative groups backing her up, she may pull off a Basic Win for you.

New World Orders

There are two NWO's in this deck, one to help you, and one to hinder others. The Law and Order NWO is there to increase the power of your straight and conservative groups. The other, World Hunger, is there to decrease the power of Liberal groups and nations. I've found World Hunger to be especially powerful against Shangri-La, since many peaceful groups are also either Liberal or Nations. That -2 really hurts their accumulation of 30 peaceful points, not to mention making it easier for you to destroy those evil nasty godless tax and spend liberal organizations!

Role-Playing Tips

Part of the fun of INWO comes in the role-playing, and this deck is fun for that! Taking over congress is *not* enough, the Right Wing wants nothing less than complete control over the world! Decades of failed liberal policy and the degredation of human values has caused society to go back to what worked "in the good old days"! Can they do it? Are they mad? Or just controlled by insane space aliens? Or... *are* they space aliens?

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