INWO Deck - The Acronymicon

by Brian Strassman

Why do you think those government agencies have all those acronyms anyway? Do they make it easier for the bureaucrats to talk about them? No! It's so you don't know what they're doing when they try to take over the world! But now, they're all under _your_ control...

The Deck







If the Gnomes of Zurich are playing, lead with the IRS to try to cause him to bounce. If not, lead with Bill Clinton, as he gives the best chance to expand your power structure quickly.

Game Play

Look at the Illuminati groups of your rivals, since they will determine your deck's overall strategy. Your deck is heavy on Government groups, and that is what this deck is designed to do primarily: expand with your Government groups and get out a Clipper Chip, Cyborg Soldiers, and Gun Control to boost their power for Bavaria's special goal. Pretty standard stuff for Bavaria, really. However, if you see that your rivals are playing either the Gnomes of Zurich or the Society of Assassins, you have some new options for victory...

Your Enemies

The Gnomes of Zurich -- You have a ton of Government groups, plus the CFL-AIO in your corner. Show the corps who the real boss is! Go on the offensive once they have their power structure built up to a decent level. Use your Antitrust Legislations to force them to reorganize their Corporate groups away from each other, thus negating the alignment bonuses for defense. Play Sorry, Wrong Number on them to strip the protection of their Illuminati from them. Using the CFL-AIO, backed by the power of your Gov't agencies, you shouldn't have any problems destroying their most powerful groups. Link the Perpetual Motion Machine to the CFL-AIO for even more fun...

The Society of Assassins -- If any of your rivals are playing a Society of Assassins deck using Fanatic groups, you have the BATF in your corner. Link the Cyborg Soldiers to them and get your Gun Control NWO out to boost the BATF's power to its fullest.

With both of these options, you'll most likely want to unmask as the Servants of Cthulhu and claim victory that way. Using your Crop Circles (powered by actions from WITCH) should allow you to get both cards in your hand when you need them.

The Endgame

Well, there isn't one, really. After all, this is basically a Bavaria power deck, and you'll either have won with your special goal, or by unmasking as Cthulhu.