DotW Runner-Up: A Chaotic Ad Campaign

Glen Barnett

Theme: Madison Avenue slurps Media groups while New York or the Clone Arrangers grab Violent or Criminal groups. Power changing cards and a few other tricks bring you toward both the Gnomes's Special Goal and Hail Eris.

Building the Deck:

When starting out, I suggest three basic stages to deck-building. Even when you have all the cards and know what they do, this isn't a bad way to work.

Goals, or How am I going to win?:

Getting there, or What takes what:

Shticks, or What does what:

So here's the deck -


Group Cards

Plot Cards


Madison Avenue. If it bounces, take the Rosicrucians instead - you can use them to draw a Crop Circles, which you can then use next turn to make sure you get Madison Avenue - you need to get it before your rival does.

Early Game

You mainly want to concentrate on getting down a few Media groups. If you get lucky and get a little way ahead, consider going looking for Upheaval. Solidarity can be a funny follow-up. A lot of your plots are powered by Media groups, so having a few down will help. If you can, get Clone Arrangers down.


You should look to have New York or Clone Arrangers down by now. If both come out in rivals structures, you should try to make a deal with the owner of one to take the other in return for immunity from your agent, plus some other consideration (you have some nice plots, for example, and lots of groups with global power). Start taking groups with them also. Get Secrets into your hand if it isn't already. Note that at various stages, some of your NWOs can hurt you - don't play them unless they hurt your rivals even more. Keep Hillary back - at least until you have some protection.


By now you should have Privatized New York (or the Clone Arrangers) and could have the Midas Mill attached. Hawaii should be their puppet. You should start looking for any remaining power changers you can use, and your goal if you don't have it yet. Make groups count double, and declare victory. The token removing ability of Miracle Diet Plan could be handy here - and if you have the Clone Arrangers, you can get a very powerful action as well.

Substitute cards

You may want to ignore Upheaval and take another disaster (Hurricane, for example). You could play this deck as a UFO's deck by adding in the Corporate Masters - but then you'll need to choose which goal to win with. You could also go with the Adepts, add in the Templars and the Hammer of Thor, and work toward one or the other of the goal cards.

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First posted: November 17, 1997

Last modified: November 17, 1997

Ralph Melton