INWO Deck: Heil Eris!

by Keith Edward Casner


This deck is built around the fact that the SANazis give a bigger power boost to their puppets than any other... potentially, they can give +12 power to your structure using LGReallyOrg'd.. and that's +12 of *Weird* power, so Discordia is their obvious master. The only problem is there are only two Weird Science groups, and they're both weak... but we can fix that, right?

The Deck


Discordian Society





Lead with the Clone Arrangers because they are a popular group and if you don't get them right away you'll have to snatch them from a rival. They are also the most powerful and best Science group, by far. Play Jake Day on them as soon as possible. You can bring the SANs out whenever you wish, but preferably just before you are ready for your endgame... see below. In general, it doesn't matter what order you get your groups out in or how you arrange them, but EGFABT should be put in play early. Use the Comic Books and SMOF to seize vulnerable Weird groups from rivals, thus creating the illusion of a regular Discordia deck. Bring out your heavy hitting Science groups under the pretext of "adding a little firepower." Use New Blood on the EGFABT when you get a chance, Monopoly on the NPCs or Phone Company, etc. The Nazis can have a Citizenship Award. Get your Resources out quickly, but keep either the Necronomicon *or* the Cyborg Soldiers in reserve. When you have the EGFABT and at least one other Science group out, and the Nazis and the PFIOS Goal in you hand, you are ready for the endgame.

Play Jake Day and use the OMCLs to suddenly make your Science groups Weird, the play Reorganization to bring them under the Nazis. You can then win with Power For Its Own Sake, by giving the Necronomicon to the Arrangers and the Cyborg Soldiers to the EGFABT, while having as your last Nazis puppet either the PhoneComp or NPCs (Monopolized, of course) or even the L4s with The Weird Turn Pro. Between these four groups, there is more than 43 Power, added to Discordia's to give the win. Use the NWOs to keep your opponents frustrated, the uses of other Plots should be semi-obvious.

Of course, this strategy seems a bit rickety, depending on so many alignment changers, Resources, etc., but in reality by the time your shot at the endgame rolls around you will most likely have "spare" groups that will allow one or more components of the Nazi-Wierd-Science structure to be missing while still giving enough Power for the win. Even if catastrophe strikes, this is a fundamentally strong Discordia deck which should be primed to garner a regular Illuminated win... at worst you will get two Weird Science groups under the Nazis and they will each get +3 Power, greatly increasing the potency of your Weird arsenal. In this worst-case scenario, you may wish to play Jake Day on the Nazis themselves to beef up your defenses.

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