Classic INWO Decks

This is an archive of excellent decks that exemplify certain traditional styles of INWO decks.

Unfortunately, I have not yet had submissions to populate this page, nor had the time to write up decks of my own. So send me decks to populate these classic categories (and suggest other categories that I may have neglected.)

I am particularly interested in populating each of thse categories with decks that use no Rare cards, for the benefit of new players.

Bavarian Government Juggernaut

The Deck of the Week The Acronymicon falls into this paradigm.

Fast-growing Bermuda Triangle

See Aaron Curtis's comments on the Bermuda Triangle for more information about this type of deck.

Gnomes of Zurich Bank

Reverend Pee Kitty's Deck of the Week Your Money is in Good Hands is a fine example of this genre.

Adepts of Hermes/ Flying Saucer resource-heavy deck

See Mad Chris's Deck of the Week The Artifactory for an example of this genre.

Cthulhu Criminal Overlords

See Seth Cohen's Deck of the Week Blunt Trauma for an example of this genre.

Discordian isolationist

Discordian Weird

Network Computer-slurping

Classic Shangri-La

Carter Butts' Deck of the Week The Judo Deck is a good example of this genre.

Secret Deck

Mike Dalton's The Heimlich Maneuver is an example.

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