INWO Deck: Gaia's Revenge

Do you have a player in your INWO group that always plays the Gnomes of Zurich? Or, did the Nuclear Power Companies cancel your action one too many times? Then Gaia's Revenge is for you.

The Deck


Servants of Cthulhu






Lead with Canada. It should be able to take control of one Green group every turn on a 10 or less. If another Cthulu player is in the game and you don't want to risk disasters, lead with the Rifkinites instead. Once you have some other bonuses out there (Bigfoot, Political Correctness, or the Anti-Nuclear Activists), both the Rifkinites and Al Gore should be able to control a Green group every turn on a 10 or less also.

New World Orders

Of course, play a Political Correctness as soon as possible; since you have three of them you should be able to keep this card in play for most of the game. The other two, Chicken in Every Pot and Fear and Loathing, are only marginally useful in and of themselves, but they are blue NWO's and thus are invaluable for discarding any World Hunger or Energy Crisis that comes into play.


Bring out your resources(using the Servants' token) as quickly as possible, as well as the International Weather Organization, to protect your places (France, California and especially Canada) from disasters. On the other hand, once you have any two of Weather Satellite, Int Weather Org, and Robot Sea Monsters, start throwing disasters around, with a +12.

Other Offensive Capabilities

Emergency Powers and Self Esteem are most effective when used on Canada and France, so that they can use their tokens to power Snipers, with a total strength of 23 when Political Correctness is out.

Once you have any two of Anti-Nuclear Activists, Rifkinites, and Robot Sea Monsters, and either the CFL-AIO or Eco-Guerrillas, you are ready to destroy Corporate and Science groups directly, starting with the Nuclear Power Companies.(If you have the Anti-Nuclear Activists, the CFL-AIO has an effective power of 34 to destroy the NPC's!) Be sure to have the Undergroud Newspaper aid, so you can draw two plot cards for your efforts.

If someone is playing a Media deck, get the Feminists out quickly and draw one of their cards every turn, as many Media groups are Liberal.

Role-Playing Tips

This deck is fun to roleplay. You represent the ultimate eco-terrorists: your goal is to destroy mankind and all his technology, so that the Earth can survive and flourish without his mismanagement. Take a look at the woman on the Rifkinites card: This is YOU! You must Ooze hatred for the Gnomes, anyone playing a corporate deck, or a computer deck if no corporate opponents are available, since many computer groups are also science.

George Harnish, who I provided with this deck design before there was an INWO Deck of the Week, had this to say about his experience with Gaia's Revenge:

I would have won by the fourth turn, but I wasn't aggressive enough. I discovered (after I knocked) that I had a +40 to kill the NPCs (which had Perpetual Motion Machine), so the fifth turn I attacked it three times, and didn't realize I was one kill/takeover from winning till after I knocked again. This was enought time for Discordia to win with their special Goal. I never had the chance to play Political Correctness, either. I'm quite impressed with the deck, and I will be using it again when the stars align themselves properly. I like the lean design and "two pronged" approach (take over green groups or kill corps) and it's defenses. Thanks very much. - George Harnish

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