INWO Deck: Open 23 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week

by Jeff Bailey

Note: This deck was built with a particular goal in mind: to use Convenience Stores as a centerpiece. For those who didn't get a copy of Pyramid #15 (currently the only source of the card), here's the major power of the card:
If you control the Covenience Stores, every agents card you play, for offense or defense, gets an additional +5. You may choose to give this bonus to other players' agents as well. This does not affect Illuminati agents.

Stream-of-Altered-Consciousness for Deck Building Strategy

OK. Convenience Stores is Corporate, so Gnomes immediately rush to mind. But I want to be more creative and unexpected than whatever rushes to mind. I'm obviously building a sandbag deck, so want to pick out lots of popular groups. New York, Japan, the Pentagon, the Vatican, Nuclear Power Companies, and the IRS are all good choices.

Could use a steal and resources to jump to a win, but overall the Adepts' focus is not too relevant to CS.
Hmm. All these agents are too attacky for Shangri-La.
Nice, but not powerful enough for successful steals.
The first obvious choice. Too obvious.
Another obvious choice. But too easy to get teamed up against after you've stolen a big group.
Another obvious choice that offers a little rearranging after a big takeover. But it's hard to count on alignments when you're stealing them.
Since agents cards can be used to destroy, another great choice. But this has the same pile-on tendency as Bavaria.
This could work. Nice power and the Video games have a bonus to control. I don't want to us, though, as Convenience Stores does little for Network's special needs/powers (more plots, more Computer bonuses).
I'm going with this one. It's Illuminated enough to be a surprise. CS doesn't help a lot with Discordia's goal, but it certainly has the defense needed for the inevitable revenge/response. With one of the Kill x and Control y Goal cards, this could rock. Also, Discordia is immune to the groups you're planning to sandbag. I want to play Discordia because nobody suspects that a Weird isolationist will go towards a destructor goal.
The sandbags I want to put in here are: Since most of these are Government, Don't Forget to Smash the State will work very well, as will Energy Crisis. Also, the destructor card I want is obviously Up Against the Wall. Plus I need Faction Fight, and I also am interested in Rewriting History for the surprise value.

The regular groups I will use:

And some resources: And now plots.
Up Against the Wall
Faction Fight
Goes well with Con Stores and Agents
Rewriting History
Make something violent after it's dead
Pulitzer Prize
ONLY use to power Rewriting History
Don't Forget to Smash State (2)
Weaken the targets before the kill
Energy Crisis
See Don't Forget TSTS
Nationalization (2)
Immune by me & hit by Smash the State
Second Bullet (2)
Make sure the attacks work
Make those destruct rolls
Seize the Time
Use as a Reload
Protect your stuff
Hat Trick
Always Useful
Weird Turn Pro
Best to use on Punk Rockers
New Blood
Best to use on AADA
Self Esteem
MUST go on Underground Newspapers
Albino Alligators (3)
Kind of obvious
Terrorist Nuke (2)
Kind of obvious
Nuclear Accident
Helps set up an attack on the NPCs
Annual Convention
Great card! 2 kills with 1 attack!
Atomic Monster
Destructo on Japan or California
Japan, Vatican, and who knows?
Not fighting resistance, so who cares?
Get out OMCL even after someone else

The Deck


Discordian Society





The * cards are rares and can be substituted as follows:



Probably either the Gay Activists or the AADA. DO NOT lead Convenience Stores; build up some defense before you bare that much or the deck's soul.


Early game: Watch for an early leader and destroy one of his groups, preferably with an Agents card. Get help and agreements from any other players; after all, you could be taking it! If no early leader shows up, play the Vatican and look isolationist.

Mid-Game: This is where you have to start showing off. Keep negotiating for alliances in your destruction attacks, but since by this time you should have Convenience Stores out and have used at least two agents, your fellow players probably won't be as ready to commit for you. Hold off on an attack until it's at a weak moment, as you don't get to try again with an agent.

End-Game: Faction Fight, an Agents card, and a +10 or two. Ideally, use a Disaster to weaken the target Place before you go in for the kill.

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