INWO Deck - Gaia's Revenge II

by Aaron Curtis

Theme: Green, Liberal, Government, anti-Corporate

Environmentalism is the way of the future, trust me. All that we Green types need to do is to get your attention...

The Deck





* designates an ASSASSINS card


One of the biggest changes to INWO that ASSASSINS has brought is the new strength of the Green attribute. New groups (Lama Ramadingdong and Recycling Centers) and new plots (Oil Spill and NWO Global Warming) provide a lot of power. This is also a disadvantage, in that you will be more likely to see NWO World Hunger, and other Green decks. The first will always be a problem for Green decks, but the second can be dealt with.

What is most important is to keep control of certain key Green groups: Canada and Al Gore for their large bonuses, and Lama Ramadingdong for his defense power. With these under control, and a few other cards, you can gain complete mastery of all Green groups as well as a very defensible power structure.


The best lead is probably the Green Party. They give a +4 on any attempt to control Green groups, and +1 power to each Green group you control. Second choices are Anti-Nuclear Activists (+4 on any attempt to control Green) and Feminists (+3 on any attempt to control Liberal). In fact, Feminists may be the best choice if you don't want your opponents to know you're playing a Green deck right off the bat. If you don't have two Canandas (see below), you may want to lead with Canada, or Al Gore.

Whatever you do, don't lead Lama Ramadingdong. By himself he's power 1, resistance 1, and will be slaughtered quickly by a wise foe.

Early Game

There are two Canadas and an Al Gore in the 20-card group deck, so likely at least one will show up in your initial draw. If not, Anti-Nuclear Activists, Feminists and Bigfoot also give you bonuses. France and Teddy Kennedy are both high-powered (especially if you have NWO Political Correctness) and give good defensive bonuses. If all else fails, spend your illuminati token for a group card.

Now with the bonuses from Al Gore or Canada and the Green Party, you should be able to attack to control any Green card from your hand on a 10 or less. Do so, concentrating on taking the groups mentioned above first.

On the second turn and beyond, you will likely have some enemies. Be sure to use your free Privleged attack each turn to keep them out of your hair.

There are some cards in which can give any Green deck some difficulty. One is NWO World Hunger (see below). The second is Science Alarmists, which prevent you from using your automatic takeover on a Green group (unless you have permission). Don't bargin: instead, you should have a relatively easy time of taking it from him with all your bonuses to control Green groups, and the fact it has no alignments make it difficult to defend.


Here is the idea way to introduce Lama Ramadingdong to your opponents. You should have three to five Green groups in play, plus the Dittoheads (controlled by Al Gore or Teddy Kennedy), one Lama and Orgone Grinder in your hand. Either ATO the Lama or use your Privleged attack to get him. Then use your illuminati token to play the Orgone Grinder and link it to him. This has several beneficial effects: His power becomes 6 + (# of Green groups), his Resistance becomes 10, and he loses his alignments (which don't help you anyway), making it hard for your opponents to attack him. Now use the Dittoheads' token to move them to his control. Result: Lama Ramadingdong has power 8 + (# of Green groups) and resistance 30! It will now become very, very difficult for your opponents to attack him or any Green group you control. Even if they do, you still have an extra one, and a Clone.

Here are some other tricks you should pull sometime in the midgame:

Once you draw your second Canada, you can play Partition on it. Attack to control from Al Gore or Teddy Kennedy, if possible. You now have two Canadas, each with power 2 and a +10 to control Green groups. Even if someone manages to take one, you'll have first chance to take it back, with a total power of 2+12+10+10=34, not counting bonuses from other sources! If necessary, you can also use Partition on California or France. Be sure to use an ATO, then attack to control the other from it. Also, NEVER recombine the two, they are so much more useful as separate groups.

France can protect nearly all your groups, and is much more effective with a small boost in power. Use Emergency Powers or Self Esteem (whichever show up first) to boost France's power to 6. Use Dictatorship and Power Satellite to add +2 (each) to France's power. Combine this with Lama Ramadingdong's defensive power and you are nearly unbeatable.

If you find one of your opponents is playing a Liberal deck (or, for that matter, a Media, Computer or Green deck, since these tend to have lots of Liberals), play Feminists and use them to steal groups from them. Use Teddy Kennedy to protect vital groups from their clutching grips (Al Gore from Computer decks, France and Feminists from Liberal decks).

Defection can be used to bring a Power Satellite, Clipper Chip or Blivit into play. This is especially useful against a Blivit: You bring yours into play, then use Recycling Centers to take the one he has to discard. Repeat when necessary.

Recycling Centers has other uses. You can destroy your opponent's non-Unique Gadget Resource with Deasil Engine, then scoop it up with RC. If one of your opponents is attempt to control a Green group from his hand, you can defend it with Lama Ramadingdong for free, then pick it up with RC after he discards it. In fact, if you fail to control a group from your hand, you can use RC to save it for a later turn. You can also salvage your Power Satellite if someone destroys it, but if your Orgone Grinder is destroyed it's a lost cause. Finally, you can use Recycling Centers to pick up a group that's been discarded due to Upheaval! or Sucked Dry and Cast Aside! Unfortunately, you don't have a way of reviving the destroyed group, unless it's a Personality in which case you can Clone him or her. Be careful with the Recycling Centers, as they have no alignments their only good defense is Lama Ramadingdong.

Bring out Clipper Chip once you have two Government groups. Bigfoot is useful for his +3, as well as keeping Media decks off your back. The Loch Ness Monster is most useful in giving Oil Spills that needed boost, and in blocking Places (see below).

Alien Abduction is extremely useful: no other card gives you a free ATO of a group. Use is ASAP, ideally to bring Lama Ramadingdong out.

Oil Spill is the perfect Disaster for a Green deck: if it succeeds, Green groups get an action token. Use this as a free reload if you can make sure you have a good chance of Devastating an opponent's Place. If not, you can play it on your own Place for a guarenteed success, then immediately play Near Miss so that it doesn't get hurt. This is best played in the endgame.

The remaining non-NWO plots are generic: +10 cards, power -> 6 cards, and defensive cards. The last one to mention of note is the Sorry, Wrong Number zap. You can play this on an opponent to eliminate the illuminati proximity bonus (+10 for direct, +5 for puppets of puppets). Use this to guarentee an Oil Spill success, or to take out a heavily defended group. Just be sure to have a Reverse Whammy in your hand in case they do, too.

The NWO's are the real strength of this deck. Antitrust Legislation is there to mess with someone's Corporate deck, to reorganize your own groups as necessary, and (most importantly) to remove an annoying End of the World or Don't Forget to Smash the State yellow NWO. Political Correctness should be played as soon as you get it, as it just makes your groups kick butt that much more (especially if you have France).

The two Global Warming cards should be used more cautiously. First of all, while is does help your Green groups (and leaves Canada and California the same), it reduces France's power by two, so try to avoid this until you can play a power -> 6 card on France first. Second, you never know when a World Hunger is waiting in the wings. Not only does this card make you lose all your action tokens, but your Green groups won't be able to use their special abilities. This is critical: Lama Ramadingdong will no longer get +1 power for each Green group, and he won't be able to defend your other Green groups. This could knock your power structure down like a house of cards. However, if you keep your Global Warming in your hand, you can limit your losses to just your action tokens. Also, if World Hunger is played and Nevermore! is out, be sure to Nevermore it so you won't have to worry anymore. Finally, the fact that Global Warming makes every Place Coastal means that Oil Spill can affect anywhere (except in space) and that Nessie can cancel the action of any non-Space place.


There are three ways to win with this deck: By power, by groups, or by the Earth First goal.

Earth First is a standard control/destroy goal, which requires controlling Green and destroying Corporate groups. You have much at your disposal to do so. Controlling Green groups should not be a problem. If you are lucky, one of your opponents will play a Corporate deck. To crush him, you have several powerful Government groups, Anti-Nuclear Activists and the CFL-AIO. It's best to ATO the CFL-AIO and attack him in a single turn, otherwise he might get the idea that he could take it from you before you kill him with it. Even if you are unlucky, someone *always* plays the Nuclear Power Companies, and the Anti-Nuclear Activists give you a +10 on any attempt to destroy them. You are also not likely to get any complaints from the other players as you do so. Finally, if for some reason you can't find any sacrifices for Gaia, both the CFL-AIO and Lama Ramadingdong are Corporate. You can win by controlling six Green groups and destroying the CFL-AIO and, not Lama Ramadingdong, but his Dittoheads! The only other non-Green groups in the deck are France and Teddy Kennedy, so if you know you are going to win with Earth First then save these two groups for last.

Winning with Bavaria's special goal of collecting 50 power is actually easier. With the Lama, Green Party, Canada and California under your control, you have a power of 10(Bavaria) + 5(Lama) + 4(GP) + 6(Cali) + 4(Canada) = 34. Add Orgone Grinder (+5), NWO Political Correctness (+9), and Clipper Chip (+4) to bring this to 52. That was only four groups! There are other ways of increasing the total power: NWO Global Warming gives +2 to each non-Coastal Green group, Dictatorship and Power Satellite each add +2 power to a place, and Emergency Powers and Self Esteem can be used to add up to 5 power to a group. Finally, with Lama and Green Party, each Green group you include adds 2 to your total power.

This plan isn't foolproof. If your NWO's get replaced, if your Orgone Grinder gets destroyed, if your Lama gets killed and your Clone gets Hoaxed... you can still win. Al Gore and Canada still have their large bonuses to control, and Green Party, Anti-Nuclear Activists, Bigfoot and Feminists give you additional bonuses. You can take a lot a groups from your hand (or Green groups from your opponents) in a single turn. Follow this up with an Oil Spill to revitalize your groups. Play NWO Antitrust Legislation to reorganize in the middle of your turn for extra attacks. With a proper blitz, you can take enough for the Basic goal, or Bavaria's special goal, whichever comes first.


This can be made into a pure powerdeck. Drop the anti-Corporate theme, remove the weak groups, and throw in Swingers, Princess Di and another NWO Political Correctness for a killer Liberal/Green deck.

It can also be made into a Cthulhu death machine. Throw in Rifkinites and Eco-Guerrillas, and toss out Teddy Kennedy and Recycling Centers. If you have access to German cards, definitely include Autonome. NWO Fear & Loathing becomes more useful, too.

Canada is rare, so if you don't have two copies, be sure to remove Partition, too. Or, replace the second Canda with a second France, for twice the protection.

Teddy Kennedy, Feminists and France aren't vital to the deck, just extremely useful. Feel free to replace them (no guarentees, though). Be aware, though, that a deck with only Green groups is unusually vulnerable to NWO World Hunger and the attribute freeze Pave the Earth!

Blivit, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and Power Satellite are also non-vital, but useful. If you don't have Recycling Centers, Blivit and Power Satellite become less useful because you can't protect them. Without these resources, Defection becomes useless as well.

Alien Abduction is a rare ASSASSINS card, but really nice to have. Ditto for Oil Spill. If you have two, consider putting them both in.

Sniper is there because I belive you should have at least one assassination in your deck in case Bjore shows up. With Clipper Chip, Self Esteem, Dictatorship, Power Satellite and NWO Political Correctness, France or Canada can get a power of 15. If you can steal some Cyborg Soldiers with Deasil Engine and Recycling Centers, you can get this to 21...

Reverse Whammmy is for Zap defense. There are some nasty Zaps available, and this card saves you an illuminati action, avoids the Zap immediately, and inflicts it upon your opponent!

Here is a list of cards I could have used, but had to drop from the deck in order to bring it down to 45 cards; any would be useful in the deck.

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