INWO Deck: Cyber Rights Now!

Concept: You are Steve Jackson Games, raided for GURPS Cyberpunk. You are Craig Neidorf, arrested for editing Phrack. You are technoliterate, you are mad, and you're NOT gonna take any more crap from Exon, Dole, or anyone!






This deck has a four-pronged strategy: seizing Computer groups, defending your Power Structure, getting as many Plots as possible each turn, and boosting your Power for one of three possible wins.

Seizing Computer groups: Lead with groups that give additive bonuses to any attempt to control Computer groups. Good choices are the Phone Phreaks (for a +6) and Video Games (for a +3). If both of these are blocked, other choices are the Hackers, Finland, and Silicon Valley. If you can get out all of the additive groups *and* the Library at Alexandria, you'll end up with a total +22 bonus to seize Computer groups. You might be able to speed-play a win (which is why I put 18 groups-worth into the deck), or steal what you need from your foes, without even worrying about your Goal card.

Defending your structure: If you're playing against aggressive players, you will want to protect yourself off the bat. Your two ideal leads are France (which will give +3 to any defense of your Liberal grpoups, more with boosters or NWOs) and the EFF (which will double the defense of any Computer group). You will also want the International Wearther Organization out to protect your places, especially France!

Drawing Plots: Lead with Orbit One and put as many Science groups as possible underneath it. Each one translates to an extra plot draw each turn, giving you as many as *five* Plots even before buying action token Plots! Get the EFF and the IWO out to protet Orbit One. If someone else decides to steal it and you hate them having it, you can Meteor or Nuke it in orbit.

Boost your Power: You may want to go for the goal, which is actually a preferred method of winning. Use Power Boosters on France and Finland and go after choice Conservative Corporate groups. Get CieP and PolCor out to help out these attacks even more. The Video Games are your ideal lead, because they will only increase your Power every time you seize another Computer group. And if you get up high enough, consider Unmasking as Bavaria. If you can get 40 points of Power out, unmasking is an instant win. Alternately, just use your Power to grab Liberal groups (and you'll have an easy time grabbing Liberal Media too, if you have Big Media out).

Switch Cards: This deck *depends* on the EFF. Buy one, or steal one. The other rares, however, can be replaced if necessary. Finland is there for a +2 additive bonus (in addition to being a Liberal group). You can fill in for it with the Wargamers, SF Fans, or Japan. Eliza can go in place of the PMM. If you don't have Computer Security, use Are We Having Fun Yet? or even put the Nuke Cos in the deck. Hidden Influence can be replaced with Commitment (to boost Resistance instead) or Grassroots Support (because you have one or two Straight groups in your deck). Unmasked! is only useful if you think you'll have a chance for a 50-Power Bavaria win. Otherwise, fill this gap with two other useful plots. And the Weak Link can be replaced by any other Resource-killer, such as Suicide Squad or the Deasil Engine.

Alternate Strategies: Fundie Money to provide Conservative targetsxs on demand.

Weaknesses: No yellow NWO is good for you! You may want a Sweeping Reforms or Blood, Toil to get rid of one if it gets to be a problem. And you have much more to fear from other Liberal players than from a rival Conservative player! If the Feminists come out, *destroy them*. The Phone Company, which is not Liberal and has a high Power, is a good choice to lead the attack, especially with an Infobahn behind it.

Notes: This is a good speed deck and a good defensive multiplayer deck. And it *can* be built without breaking the bank - if you had to build it from scratch using local card prices (Commons $0.25, Uncommons $0.50, Rares $1.50), it would only run you $24.50.

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