15-859B Course Notes, Fall '00

Most of the slides shown in class will eventually show up here in several formats: Portable Document Format (pdf), Postscript (ps) either 1-to-a-page or 4-to-a-page, and the original Powerpoint (ppt). If your web browser is configured properly, clicking on a link should bring up a suitable viewer that shows you the slides on screen.

If you want to print the slides, I suggest the 4-up format. I print them by cd-ing to this directory, /afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/classes-ph/859B/pub/www/notes, and running, for example, "gunzip <intro.4.ps.gz | lpr".

The PDF files yield the most reliable results (fewest portability problems). gs works better than ghostview on the Postscript files.

The dates shown are the dates of last significant revision.

Notes are C 2000 Paul Heckbert

15-859B, Introduction to Scientific Computing