Course schedule

Watch for updates! This file was last updated on January 18, 2005. Notes:
DateLecture (and what to read)NotesRemarks
1/10 (M) Intro and written quiz 6upc
1/12 (W) The Relational Model and system R (1) notes
1/17 (M) No class Martin Luther King Day
Project list out
1/19 (W) Concurrency Control (1) notes (1) write a summary
1/24 (M) Concurrency Control (2) notes write a summary
1/26 (W) Logging and Recovery (1,2) notes
1/31 (M) Concurrency Control (4) notes by Steven Okamoto
write a summary
2/2 (W) Query Processing (1,2) notes
2/7 (M) No class Mid-semester Break
2/9 (W) No class Instructor out of town (SIGMOD PC meeting and workshop)
2/14 (M) Query Processing (3,4) notes
Project proposals due at 3pm
2/16 (W) Query Optimization (1) notes Summary
2/18 (F) Query Optimization (2,3) notes By John Davin
write a summary for (2)
(Make-up for 2/9)
2/21 (M) Buffer Management and OS (1) notes write a summary
2/23 (W) Buffer Management and OS: advanced algorithms (2) notes by Naju Mancheril
write a summary
2/28 (M) Disks (1,2) notes by Matt Becker
write a summary for (2) (RAID)
3/7 (M) No class Spring Recess
3/9 (W) No class Spring Recess
3/14 (M) Distributed Database Systems (1,2) notes
3/16 (W) Distributed Database Systems (3) notes
3/2l (M) Parallel Database Systems (1,2) parallel DB notes, gamma notes
3/23 (W) Volcano (3) notes by Kun Gao
write a summary
3/25 (F) DBMS on new hardware (1,2) notes make-up for 4/4
write a summary for (1)
3/28 (M) DBMS on new hardware (2,3) notes Milestone reports due at 3pm
3/30 (W) Stream DBs (1,2) notes by Chris Olston
4/4 (M) No class Instructor out of town (ICDE 2005)
4/6 (W) No class Instructor out of town (ICDE 2005)
4/11 (M) Data Mining(1) notes by Jay Pujara
Write a summary
4/13 (W) R-trees (1,2) notes By Christos Faloutsos
4/18 (M) Alphasort (1) and Benchmarking (1) notes (Alphasort)
notes (benchmarks)
Draft Project Reports due
4/20 (W) OO/OR DBMS (1,2) notes By Sean McLaughlin
Write a summary
4/25 (M) Web Data Management (1,2) notes by Charlie Garrod
Write a summary (1)
Reviews due
4/27 Final Exam
4/29 Project Demos and Presentations (1-4pm, NSH3305) Final Project Reports Due At Presentation Time