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  • Re: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads, Global Chouteau
  • Vacation Time, Jane Barth
  • GEMS upgrades, Jeff Hintz
  • GEMS 1-17-11-3 manual entry, Nel Finberg
  • Wyle Certification Material, Global Chouteau
  • Kinkos Account Number, Greg Forsythe
  • Florida Decision, Greg Forsythe
  • Re: GEMS-1-17-12, Steve Knecht
  • Re: WinCE Services InstallPack, Steve Knecht
  • testing, Tyler Lincks
  • RE: Shipping Damage, Ken Clark
  • trougbleshooter's guide for TS units ( blue and white), Tari Runyan
  • Passcode for 1-17-12us Manual, Greg Forsythe
  • What is the AVOS Counter Check? (was: counter check), Guy Lancaster
  • PSINet name change to Metamor, Larry Dix
  • bod printer, John McLaurin
  • Gems race/header shading, Jane Barth
  • AccuVote-TS R4 Poll Opening and Closing Instructions, Nel Finberg
  • FW: BOUNCE Non-member submission from ["Juan A.Rivera" <>], Don V
  • FW: Maximum Capacity of Ballots in Ballot Box, Juan A.Rivera
  • Don Biszmaier, Larry Dix
  • Open Primary Election on AVTS, Jeff Hintz
  • Certification of R-6 unit at Wyle Labs, Jeff Hintz
  • WinCEServices.ZIP, Tyler Lincks
  • South Carolina Export, Nel Finberg
  • WinCEServices.ZIP password (again), Tyler Lincks
  • digital/analog, John McLaurin
  • Digital phone line PC card Modem, Ian S. Piper
  • Digital Adapters and more PC cards, Ian S. Piper
  • Reminder on 17" ballots, Ken Clark
  • Re: BallotStation 4 Releases, Steve Knecht
  • Re: Ballot provided for certification, Nel Finberg
  • PCMCIA NETWORK CARD FOR R6 unit, Mike Brown
  • Ballot Station NT - General Observations during testing, Jeff Hintz

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