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FW: Maximum Capacity of Ballots in Ballot Box

Hi All;


This is a general question to all.


 Has anyone done a study or test on the actual capacity of the Accuvote Ballot Box in term of how many ballots it will physically hold?

I am writing a justification letter for the Senate Budget committee to use as part of the proposed change in the electoral law to authorize the use of Optical Scanners in Puerto Rico.  I need to come up with a number of ballots of different sizes, (i.e. 12”, 14” 18”), and the maximum amount that a ballot box can hold for each size or mixed sizes.  This also needs to be broken down to a figure with the sorter installed and another figure for the sorter uninstalled.


If an actual study has never been done, can anyone give me a real life practical numbers for the above questions?  Please be conservative since I rather have them be happily surprised rather than disappointed later in an election environment.


Thanks for any and all input…


Juan A. Rivera