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RE: Maximum Capacity of Ballots in Ballot Box

When the ballot box was first tested in 1990, the quantity with neatly stacked flat (i.e., not folded) ballots was 1700 per bin.  We therefore quoted 1500 per bin (gave ourselves a little headroom).  Since we have had ten years of experience, the appropriate amount is 1000 per bin.  Some disgruntled folks will probably respond with less.  It is dependant on the ballot length.  The 18" ballots tend to stack more neatly than the 14" ballots, and so on.  All of these capacity numbers are based on having a deflector inside the ballot box.  The deflector and the paper stops on the side of the bins make an attempt to neatly stack the ballots to efficiently use the space (Ancient Chinese Secret).  Even then, some of the ballots may dive into the bin and sit on edge or start forming a tent, effectively reducing the capacity of the bin.  The 11" ballots love to do this.(Am I anthropomorphizing paper again?)

If you take the deflector out, then your guess is as good as anyone's.  Dynabec (dealer in Quebec, Canada) special ordered 50 ballot boxes without the deflector.  Nel Finberg was in close contact with Richard Joyal (Dynabec).  Perhaps he knows of their experience with that ballot box's capacity.

BTW:  Juan, was your ' 12" ballot ' reference a typo?


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Subject: Maximum Capacity of Ballots in Ballot Box

Hi All;

This is a general question to all.

 Has anyone done a study or test on the actual capacity of the Accuvote
Ballot Box in term of how many ballots it will physically hold?
I am writing a justification letter for the Senate Budget committee to use
as part of the proposed change in the electoral law to authorize the use of
Optical Scanners in Puerto Rico.  I need to come up with a number of ballots
of different sizes, (i.e. 12", 14" 18"), and the maximum amount that a
ballot box can hold for each size or mixed sizes.  This also needs to be
broken down to a figure with the sorter installed and another figure for the
sorter uninstalled.

If an actual study has never been done, can anyone give me a real life
practical numbers for the above questions?  Please be conservative since I
rather have them be happily surprised rather than disappointed later in an
election environment.

Thanks for any and all input...

Juan A. Rivera