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RE: BallotStation 4 Releases

Procedure for procuring memory cards at Global Election Systems:
(1)    Call Barry Herron, and try to convince him you need it.  Be sure to mention that you want to sell them to potential customers, and that having one makes this process easier.
(2)    Get a second opinion from Larry Dix.  Repeat with Mark, Jeff, Brian, and Bob, until one of them says you can have it.
(3)    Call Bill Ricke, tell him you need a memory card.
(4)    Call Anne, and let her know you'll need said memory card shipped to you.  They do not occupy the same office, you see.
(5)    Call Ian, and ask what happened to the memory card you ordered last week.  Explain that your demo is tomorrow, and that it must be overnight expressed.
(6)    Go to Circuit City an hour before the demo, buy the card, expense it, and hope for the best.
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We send one out with each unit.  We have a limited supply of them.  They cost approx. $90.00 each.  If you can convince Larry Dix or Barry Herron you need one all for yourself, then have them get back to Bill Ricke for purchasing or Ann Rawlins for creating an order to ship one.