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Re: Ballot provided for certification

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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 10:27 AM
Subject: RE: Ballot provided for certification

Greg, please use the <--- button when embedding new test into a mail.  I didn't notice the different colors at first. 
I understand what you are talking about now.  The fixed rows applies to the race, not the ballot.  Same as the number of rows or cols.  Let Nel know if the docs are not clear on this point.
This should be clear in the documentation - after all, the Fixed option would not appear in Race Default Settings in Race Options as well as the Race Editor, if it were not a race-specific construct.
You might check out my original rcr complete message on the topic.  GEMS still lays out races going down each column and then across.  You (might) have to place the races manually.  The candidates will be in the right place within the race though.
But in the usual case, it should just lay out correctly automatically anyway, since only one race will fit in each column.  I am guessing that part of the problem here is that you can't endorse write-in candidates right now.  Lay out your ballot again with the write-in candidate of each race as a "normal" candidate called "write-in" endorsed by the write-in votergroup.  It should lay out correctly, but of course the candiate won't actually behave like a write-in (no line, etc).  If we go forward with New York, then I'll get you a GEMS that can do this for real.
This whole thread should have been conducted on the support list.  My bad for participating.
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From: Greg Forsythe [mailto:gfglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 8:35 AM
To: Ken Clark
Cc: Nel Finberg
Subject: Fw: Ballot provided for certification

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Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: Ballot provided for certification

Superintendent of Highways first candidate is Democratic, second candidate is Freedom.  Freedom candidate does not drop into the correct row.   
Tried as many variations as I could think of.  Re-numbered race, re-keyed candidate, etc.  Bloody thing won't budge.  Tried test database and dropped in correctly.   
It appears that where there is room for a race to slide under another race, it will do so.  It will not lock up in the correct row
Then start with the test database, and modify it.  If it breaks along the way, note what breaks it and get back to me.
Although I only have a single ballot in the database, when I touch the + beside the ballot style in the tree view, it changes to - as it should.  Some times it will reset most most of the time it will not.  I have to highlight ballot style in the tree view to double click in the list view to get the ballot out.  My system or bug.  Not a big deal, but annoying. 
I don't follow (as usual).  Bring it up next time I talk to you and I'll see if I can reproduce whatever it is you are talking about.