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Re: South Carolina Export

Thanks, Cathi!
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The values of Office, District and Seat are manually entered directly into the "Edit Export ID" window.  The correct values are supplied to the County Election Office's by the Secretary of State's Office and appear in the export file in the following manner:
  • Field Length = 2 Bytes (Office), 3 Bytes (District), and 2 Bytes (Seat)
  • Data Type = Numeric
  • Edit Criteria = Correct Value; Right Justified with Leading Zeros
Leading zeros need not be entered.  They will automatically be generated if necessary.
Candidate names must all be entered in upper case with no punctuation.  A candidate name of Write-in must be entered as:  WRITE-IN.  Candidate names for questions must be entered as:  YES and NO.  Upon encountering a YES candidate, GEMS automatically assigns a party value of 'F' and for a NO candidate, a party value of 'O' when the export file is created.  GEMS creates the exported candidate information in the following field lengths:
  • Last Name = 20 Bytes
  • First Name = 15 Bytes
  • MI = 1 Byte
  • Suffix = 3 Bytes
I am attaching a copy of Beaufort Co.'s Nov. 2000 election so you can see an actual export file if you like.
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Subject: South Carolina Export

Race tab

where are the values of Office, District and Seat derived from in GEMS, if anywhere, and what are their edit rules?


Candidates tab

what are the edit rules for the candidate name fields under the Candidates tab?