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Re: Gems race/header shading

Jane, the race or header text that is not being shaded could be due to having set a non-transparent highlight color either in the Race or Header Editors, or in the Race Options window for Race and Header Default Settings.  More in the section on Color in 2.7 Preparing Ballot Artwork in the GEMS 1-17-12 User's Guide.
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From: Jane Barth
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 2:51 PM
Subject: Gems race/header shading

This is the scenario:

Running 2 Winnt computers with full installs of Gems 1.17.2.  One computer
shades fine, the other however, shades inside the race or header box but
does not shade the included text. Had this problem for awhile, must be a
Windows discrepancy between the 2??