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Re: Wyle Certification Material

ack and thanks.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: Wyle Certification Material

Guy, this whole section above and below is confusing to me.  Are these some new functions not presently implemented yet? 


They are implemented.  Guy's explaination is confusing to me too.

1.95e introduces the "Auto Absentee" feature, which allows you count absentee ballots in the polls without the need for header cards, so long as the absentee voters have different cards than the polling voters.  The AV uses the different card numbers to figure out whether the ballot is absentee automatically.  Hence the name.

1.95e also introduces two new header cards, called "Polling" and "No Override".   They are used in Minnesota in conjunction with the old "Absentee" header card to switch between polling and absentee counters while voting during the day.  Ignore the "Polling" card;  it isn't good for anything.  The "No Override" card returns you to normal counting after you have finished feeding the absentee voter's cards during the day.

The question 9 answer is also confusing.  It is simply a bug fix:  reject absentee header cards if there is no absentee count group.

Ignore references to V2 in Guy's answers (there are many), and for gods sake don't let the term V2 leak to Wyle.  Guy, please stop doing that.