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RE: Open Primary Election on AVTS

This doesn't make sense.  PSINet does not certify the AVTS.  I'd add that we don't have any AVTS open primary customers, and aren't likely to have one any time soon.  I suggest that PSINet concern itself with GEMS.  If they want to attach a proviso saying that open primaries are not NASED certified when used in conjunction with the AVTS, that's fine.  It works with AVOS.  If they want GEMS to put up an error if you try to download an open primary to an R4 AVTS, that can be arranged.
And yes, the R6 supports open primaries. 
I stress however that what the R6 can and cannot do is beside the point.  Say we add support for cross endorsement in GEMS for the AVOS only before cross endorsement is implemented on the AVTS.  This isn't a hypothetical:  it will probably happen that way.  Just because we implement a feature for one of our voting machines doesn't mean it has to be implemented in all of them for GEMS to be certified.  I challenge them to point out where in the FEC rules it says that all voting machines have to implement all voting rules.  If they think this is a requirement, I'd like to have a short discussion with them about our competition's products.
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Within our current GEMS 1.17.11 and AVTS, we do not support an Open Primary Election on the AVTS systems.  I am currently here in Huntsville, AL and doing testing with PSINet, where we have encountered this problem.  In order to certify, we need to show the ability to do an Open Primary Election on the AVTS system.  Is this going to be supported in the new R-6 system???
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