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Re: Certification of R-6 unit at Wyle Labs

My question is "who" is this being passed to?  Who takes responsibility for these issues?  Dix/Dean/Ensminger/x/y/z?
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 7:55 PM
Subject: Certification of R-6 unit at Wyle Labs

I am down here in Huntsville, AL with Larry Dix, answering some certification questions with PSINet.  We also went over to Wyle Labs to talk with Jim Dearman about certification of the R-6 unit.  Jim thinks that they will be able to start this process within the next few weeks.  After visiting with Jim, he mentioned several things that we may or may not already have ready for the certification of the R-6 unit.
  •  Wyle requires a 163 hour continuous voting test, at least 100 ballots per hour, similulating the voting of the AVTS unit, without having to do it by hand.  Something similar to the Visual Test scenarios we created at I-Mark.  Can the R-6 unit have this capability???
  • Wyle requires that the AVTS unit be pushed in some way or another to run out of memory, so they can see how that the system will give a pleasing error message upon the memory error, rather than locking up or crashing miserably.
Jim stressed the importance of us having the AVTS unit thoroughly tested and documented, and to be well prepared before they begin their testing.  The reason being, that if they encounter any problems with either testing or documentation, this will cause them to contact us, let us know what the problem is, then we will need to fix the problem, send back the fixes, and they will then need to start the process over again.
Just wanted to pass this on.
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