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RE: Open Primary Election on AVTS

An open primary, using the parlance of this discussion, is when a voter gets to pick the party at the point of voting the ballot.  On paper this means all parties are printed on the same ballot.  On plastic, it means the voter picks their party on a party selection screen.
This is opposed to the voter telling the poll worker their party (or visa-versa), which is a closed primary.
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Isn't an open primary effectively a General election where the "winner" is the top person from each party in a race?
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Subject: Open Primary Election on AVTS

Within our current GEMS 1.17.11 and AVTS, we do not support an Open Primary Election on the AVTS systems.  I am currently here in Huntsville, AL and doing testing with PSINet, where we have encountered this problem.  In order to certify, we need to show the ability to do an Open Primary Election on the AVTS system.  Is this going to be supported in the new R-6 system???
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