Date Topic Teacher / Scribe Notes and Links
1/15 Equilibria: basic concepts Blum / Morgenstern notes, slides
1/17 Equilibria: Minimax Theorem via regret minimization Blum / Kazachkov notes, slides
1/22 Equilibria: bandits, internal regret and correlated equilibrium Blum / Frankenstein notes, slides
1/24 Equilibria: complexity of Nash and Lemke-Howson Blum / Tjandraatmadja notes, slides
1/29 Price of anarchy: definitions, potential/congestion games Blum / Zhao notes, slides
1/31 Price of anarchy: dynamics and safety analysis Blum / Ding notes, slides, paper
2/5 Price of anarchy: routing games Blum / Xiang notes
2/7 Social choice: voting rules, axioms Procaccia / Jun notes, slides
2/12 Social choice: complexity of manipulation Procaccia / Karp notes, slides, paper
2/14 Social choice: advanced manipulation Procaccia / Despotakis notes, slides
2/19 Social choice: voting rules as maximum likelihood estimators Procaccia / McComb notes, slides, paper1, paper2
2/21 Social choice: axiomatic approach to page ranking Procaccia / Yildiz notes, slides, paper1, paper2
2/26 Mechanism design: VCG Blum / Morgenstern notes
2/28 Mechanism design: examples, revelation principle Blum / Hsiao notes
3/5 CSD open house
3/7 Mechanism design: digital goods Blum / Kroer notes
3/12 Spring break
3/14 Spring break
3/19 Mechanism design: combinatorial auctions Blum / Xu notes
3/21 Fair division: cake cutting algorithms Procaccia / Kurokawa notes, slides
3/26 Fair division: complexity, approximation Procaccia / Chen notes, slides, paper
3/28 Fair division: incentives, Leontief preferences Procaccia / Hu notes, slides, paper1, paper2
4/2 Kidney exchange: optimization Procaccia / Whiting notes, slides, paper1, paper2
4/4 Kidney exchange: incentives Procaccia / Antikacioglu notes, slides, paper
4/9 Social networks: coordination games Procaccia / Brown notes, slides
4/11 Social networks: influence maximization Procaccia / Huang slides, paper
4/16 Social networks: small world phenomenon Procaccia / Chou slides, paper
4/18 Spring carnival
4/23 Guest lecture and project presentations Yang / Bowen
4/25 Project presentations
4/30 Project presentations
5/2 Project presentations