15-850: Advanced Algorithms, Spring 2024

Lecturer: Jason Li, GHC 7203, jmli at cs.cmu.edu
TAs: Emin Berker, GHC 6207, rberker at cs.cmu.edu
Office hours: Emin Wednesdays 2-3, Jason Fridays 1-2

Location: GHC 4303, MWF 3:30-4:50 3:30-4:50 (note: 3 days a week).
Piazza is the best way to contact the course staff.
Gradescope should be used to submit HWs. Entry code: NPVZXJ




  • Week #5: Measure Concentration (Contd)

  • Week #6: Data Streaming (finish). Multiplicative Weights Update, Online Learning, and Max-Flow.
  • Week #7: Online Learning (Finish). First-Order Convex Optimization.

  • Original by Anupam Gupta, maintained by Jason Li