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  • Manager Cards, Steve Knecht
  • Error on Early Voting Ballot Station, Steve Knecht
  • Re: GEMS 1-17-12 User's Guide available on Staff site, Tari Runyan
  • red ovals, memory cards, John McLaurin
  • AVOS - Visible Light Reader - Stopped feeding ballots after jam - no error message, Jeff Hintz
  • GEMS software quality crisis line (was RE: Current Employee Roster & User's List), Ken Clark
  • Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads, Jeff Hintz
  • Logo with GOLD lettering and Clear background, Steve Knecht
  • Voter Card Data, Steve Knecht
  • Ballot Station / GEMS 1.17.9 Timeout, Steve Knecht
  • GEMS 1-11-14 Certification, Larry Dix
  • VCProgrammer User Guide posted on Staff site, Guy Lancaster
  • Emailing Files to McKinney, Steve Knecht
  • DELL PowerEdge Models, Steve Knecht
  • HC configs, John McLaurin
  • Florida, Nel Finberg
  • Doc on CD, John McLaurin
  • Easy Grip Pens, Karen Rhea
  • AccuVote R6 & Cancel Button, Talbot Iredale
  • New Competitive Product, Bill Ricke
  • RE: collin county brc import, Ken Clark
  • ISO 9000, John McLaurin
  • Maximize Button Inactive On Upload Window, Cathi Smothers
  • Write-in consolidation -- requirements, Ken Clark
  • GEMS 1-17-11-2 adding registered write-in candidate, Nel Finberg

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