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RE: red ovals, memory cards

The WO# 2001376 (March 10, 2000) shows the following details:
COMPAQ Proliant Server.
Digiboard Acceleport PCI 16/em installed.
COMPAQ 12/24 DAT DDS3 Tape Backup installed.
SCO UNIX Openserver R5.05 installed.
VTS 1.92-14 installed.
They also purchased two (2) extra DigiPORTs boxes (16 ports each), 18 US Robotics modems, and accessories.
As I recall, Volusia purchased the equipment from a source local to them, shipped the computer equipment to McKinney, and had Global perform the installation service only.
Due to difficulties with COMPAQ drivers, it took Mike Brown a very long time to get the server up and running.
If you need anything further on the configuration of the server, Volusia's purchasing department should have their packing lists and invoices detailing the equipment.
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Subject: red ovals, memory cards


Two questions:


What PMS color is used for red ovals


34, 64 and 128K cards can all be used with GEMS software relative to the ACCU VOTE OS


Who is McKinney can tell me what the specifications for a Host Computer unit are that was shipped to Volusia county FL last year?