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RE: AVOS - Visible Light Reader - Stopped feeding ballots after jam - no error message

There is a non-invasive way to determine whether the cause of the problem is the VL reader or the AccuVote CPU board.
While the unit is experiencing this problem, press and hold the "NO" button for at least three (3) seconds.  If the LCD displays "READ ABORTED BY USER", then the VL reader is frozen.  If the LCD display doesn't change, then the AccuVote CPU and firmware is frozen.
This information will help in determining the failure.
To correct the problem, have you tried cycling the power to the unit?  Turn it OFF for 10 seconds, then turn it back ON.
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Subject: AVOS - Visible Light Reader - Stopped feeding ballots after jam - no error message

Anthony from Shawnee County, KS is running an election today.  They have all AVOS - Visible Light Readers, the rom version is 1.94w.  They have 3 units at their election office that they use for Advanced Voting.  They have already swapped out 2 of those units with replacements due to this error, and now have encountered it again on one of the replacements.  What happens is this: they are processing ballots, then a ballot gets jammed, no error message comes out on the display, they remove the jammed ballot, the display has the current count, but the motor will not engage to process any more ballots.  Again, this has happened several times, with several different AVOS units, and it is election day.  Please help ASAP.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems