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RE: AccuVote R6 & Cancel Button

This has been a worthwhile thread, and some very important points have been made.  The Western Team has made some SOS calls to get some additional feedback.
Let me post the manner in which the "Cancel" function should be made to operate in the Western Region:
1- The "Cancel" function will not be visible to voters, it will remain hidden.
2-Upon the "Cancel" screen appearing, two (2) boxes will appear:
                       "Cancel Ballot Function"               "Ignore Function"
3-Touching the "Ignore Function"  will return voter to the original "Cast Ballot" page.
4-Touching "Cancel Ballot Function"  will bring up a screen requiring a password number.  (This will necessitate pollworker intervention at this point.)
5-After entering password, "Cancel Ballot"  and "Ignore"  buttons appear.
6- Ballot can now be cancelled.
Thanks for everyone's input.