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Re: Write-in consolidation -- requirements

Colorado law requires listing only those who are qualified write ins and I believe Ca has the same requirement -  by precinct -  summary is not good enough because manual entry is done on precinct level.
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Subject: Write-in consolidation -- requirements

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See thread started by rodney subject "write-ins" started Fri 3/2/2001 8:31 AM.  Looks like we are going to have to have some kind of write-in reconciliation dialog at some point.  No date has been set for this, though. 


Quick support-list follow up to this.   Project managers for accounts should start thinking/inquiring about the requirements for write-in processing.  Both GEMS and VTS before it have limped along without doing much in the way of write-in processing.  This either implies that there are not huge demand for write-in reporting, or accounts are doing the reporting on their own in some way. 


We need to know, in detail, how accounts currently process write-ins, and what the requirements are for reporting are.  For example, is it necessary in all or some accounts to report write-ins at the precinct level, or are summary reports sufficient?  Are the reporting requirements different for the losers, or are all write-ins treated equally?  There are many other details.  Obviously the requirements are going to vary widely by region. 


I had posted a request in the previous write-in thread on the details of how write-ins are to be processed.  There wasn't any response.  There probably won't be a lot of code written without one.