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Re: Manager Cards

They don't want to pay much, since they want the ability to make their own Mgr cards.  But we've had this discussion.    I understand the reason about the EBS and not wanting to distribute.  However, I am waiting for someone to say it is being put into GEMS or pollbook soon.  I'm assuming there is already an RCR on this.
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Yes to a FS number.  They can ship to McKinney.
It can be turned around very quickly.  The cost depends on what the customer is willing to pay for shipping (both ways).
The labor to program the card is a minor amount (2 minutes).  But more administrative labor is required for the paperwork generated. Please ask Larry Dix as to determine whether Global should bill the customer for any minimum labor charges.
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Subject: Manager Cards

Would you please specify the exact procedure you would like us to use to get Manager Cards re-burned.  Alameda started early voting on Saturday and programmed over one of their cards.  Do they need a Field Shipper No., who should they send it to, how quickly can this be turned around? Is there a cost? etc
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