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Re: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads

Global Chouteau: I did receive your email but did not see a reference to the accuvote message that was displayed. I believe the incident I am talking about occured in one of the Cal. accounts. If the question was answered prior to turning the unit off there was no problem - if the unit was turned off with a Question still displayed the unit did not hang up and the modem would have to be reset.
Thanks: don

Global Chouteau wrote:

 Jeff and Don,, are either one getting my email???   This note form Don says the same thing I said a couple of days ago, with no acknowledgment.. A like incident occurred in Walton County Florida.....
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Subject: Re: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads
 Jeff: one other thing, if anyone else remembers. it seems that at one point if the accuvote came up with a message about turn unit off after the upload and the question was not answered it would not hang up. I don't remember what firmware it was. Does anyone else remember where this occured at?
Don B

Jeff Hintz wrote:

I just finished talking to Don Biszmaier about the dip switches, then I remembered what Juan had said awhile back about the same problem we had in Puerto Rico.  We did not use modems, but rather some type of multi network/modem box made by Digi - (Mike Brown should know what the exact device is).  However, we were using GEMS 1-15 series and AccuVote ROM 194w, so unless GEMS 1-14 series has something different that the 1-15 series, then upgrading GEMS will not fix the problem.  Maybe the GEMS 1-17 series does???  Unfortunately, probably the only way to try and find out what may be causing the problem, will be to go to Platte County, MO and do some extensive testing.  That is, unless we can set up multiple modems with a Digi Box and be able to do extensive calling in to the GEMS host computer within our own offices.  Myself, I do not have the equipment, nor the phone lines to do so.Thanks for everyone's input.  However, at this point, I am still without an answer until further testing is done.
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Subject: Re: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads
1-14 fixed the modem problems I saw -  tell them to check dip switches - 4 and 8 down and also the reconfigure their modems thru HyperTerminal and upgrade to 1-14
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Subject: FW: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads
I am still getting calls and e-mails from this customer.  Somebody please respond!!!!
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Subject: FW: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads
This customer is still asking me for an answer for this.  I have not seen a response as of yet.  Does anyone have an help???
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From: Jeff Hintz [mailto:jhglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 11:55 AM
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Subject: Platte County,MO - Time Outs on Ports during uploads
Platte County, MO ran an election last Tuesday, they currently use GEMS and AccuVote 194w.  During their upload process, using a digiboard with 5 modems attached, and their phone system set to 1 telephone number with rollover; they kept encountering time-outs on their ports and had to keep starting them up again.  I believe that we have discussed this in the past, has this problem been resolved in a later release???  Or perhaps need to set up their Com ports again???Jeff HintzGlobal Election Systems
fn:Don Biszmaier